Report Archive

This is the Treasuror’s Report Archive. The Treasuror’s weekly reports generally give weekly balances of all tracked assets and a history of any creations and destructions of those assets. The Treasuror does not have a monthly report.

Before 12 June 2020, the only asset tracked was coins. After that date, however, a new economic system involving “cards” and “products” was introduced. As of that date, textual reports became a bit ugly to look at, so there are also HTML reports listed.

Weekly Reports

Latest official weekly report (HTML): My goal for the timing of the official report is Wednesday/Thursday each week.

Unofficial fresher version of weekly report (HTML): This is not guaranteed to be updated consistently, but I will try to have a fresh report out by midweek (Sunday/Monday) when there is lots of economic activity.

Full List of Weekly Reports: