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This is the Treasuror’s Report Archive. The Treasuror’s weekly reports generally give weekly balances of all tracked assets and a history of any creations and destructions of those assets. The Treasuror does not have a monthly report.

Before 12 June 2020, the only asset tracked was coins. After that date, however, a new economic system involving “cards” and “products” was introduced. As of that date, textual reports became a bit ugly to look at, so there are also HTML reports listed.

Starting in November 2021, the Treasuror also has a monthly report, which tracks some values which deal with the new boatload economy.

Later on, after 25 January 2021, I finished some software to generate my reports. As of now, HTML formatting is not implemented for this software, but the reports should look good enough that that is not an issue.

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