If you have any specific questions there’s also the unofficial Agora discord

Getting Email Set Up

At minimum to play Agora, you need to subscribe to the four mailing lists. Do not sign up for the digest, it’s too confusing to use for play. During busy periods, there can be up to 50+ message a day (don’t worry, you don’t need to read them all; see below). You should either filter Agora messages to their own folder or use a separate email account just for Agora.

See the email advice page for more specific tips on interacting with the mailing lists and setting up your email to make things easier for you.

Following Along

For technical information see the email advice page linked above.

As noted, there can be many things happening in Agora at once. In reality, Agora is both a single game and a community that often has a lot of side activity. You can choose to what extent you want to be involved in all the subgames and side activities that are happening.

This means that while there can be many messages, most are not immediately important to you. Even experienced players will skim or entirely ignore many messages. You’ll get better at figuring out what you should and shouldn’t focus on as you play, but here’s some quick rules:

And as always, don’t be afraid to ask questions on Agora-Discussion or the IRC or Discord.


Play can change frequently, so some of this could be inaccurate. This was last updated June 30, 2020. If you attempt to do things as described here and it doesn’t work, other players will gladly help you.

Taking Actions

Most actions are done “by announcement” which means you simply declare that you do it in agora-business (or more rarely agora-official). Some actions have restrictions, which are outlined in the rules.

If you make a mistake while trying to perform an action, other players will gladly help you fix it.


Simply send a message that says “I register” to [email protected] You may want to specify your prefered name as well.

When you register you can award yourself, or be awarded by another player, a Welcome Package. This will give you some items. Check the rules to see what it specifically gives you right now.


You can vote on any proposals that are distributed while you are a player. The Promotor will Distribute proposals in agora-official with their full text. You can specify your vote for each one as FOR, AGAINST, PRESENT, or a conditional vote such as “endorse [Player]” or even something more complex.