The Agoran Rulesets

Welcome. If you are trying to access the ruleset of Agora Nomic, you’ve come to the right place. This website is maintained by Trigon, the current Rulekeepor of Agora Nomic.

Textual Rulesets

There are two flavors of Agoran Ruleset: The Short Logical Ruleset (SLR) and the Full Logical Ruleset (FLR).

Ruleset Changelogs

I keep a log of every rule change, partially to help me check and re-check my work, but also for the benefit of the Agoran public and future Agoran historians.

Ruleset Format Updates

I make occasional changes to how the ruleset is formatted. This page contains a list of each and every one.

Other projects

Additionally, others have made software to track the ruleset. Here’s a list of links to those projects. Warning: These all navigate off-site.