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Area Task Sub-tasks Status Who? Deadline Comments Dependencies
Technical Re-write homepage   P        
    Web interface for forums P omd      
  Migrate ruleset to Wiki   A nichdel      
  Allow ‘nesting’ of rules in Wiki ruleset   P        
Rules Rules rewrite (separate meat and bones)   P        
  Design new economy   A G., nichdel   Currently writing a proto –nichdel  
  Add to Glossary   A        
Offices, reporting Allow for/require wiki-based reporting   P        
    Remove req. for plaintext reports P        
    Remove histories from reports P        
  Code event-based report generator   P        
  Office responsibilities in one rule   P        
  Create an office hierarchy   P        
  Improve deputisation   C nichdel      
Recruitment Advert Decide target audience         Everything else?
    Decide where to advertise          
    Design advert          
    Decide start date          
Meta Improve to-do list   A Walker      

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