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Game State

Best way to do research on game state is to look for relevant reports. Below are links to mailing list search results and other locations that reports can be found at.


The SLR - Just the rules.

The FLR - Annotated rules.

The HLR - An unoffical (legally) HTML version of the rules.


Promotor Reports - Distribution of new proposals for voting.

Assessor Reports - Tabulation and resolution of votes


CFJ Records

Arbitor Events - CFJ assignment and management of eligible judges.

Referee Events - Penalties


Monthly Report - Organization charters.

Weekly Report - Balances, budgets, and transactions.

People & Players

Payroll and Metareport - Lists offices and reports.

Monthly Report - History of players

Weekly Report - Current players and fora.

Superintendent’s Report - Agencies and Power of Attorney


Ribbons Report


The Newspaper - Record of recent discussions and events.

Herald’s Report - Historically significant events and awards.