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Editing Basics

You need an acount on Github to edit the wiki. By default, you can only submit merge requests which are provisional changes that require collaborator approval. To gain collaborator status, send a message to DIS requesting it.

Editing Options

There are two options for editing online:

To edit offline, see the Git Guide section below.


This wiki uses markdown. If you need to practice things, please do it in the sandbox.

If you need to do tables, consider using this markdown table generator. It has a gui, and can import markdown or csv.

Git Guide

To edit the wiki offline, which allows scripting and automation, you need to use and understand Git.

In short, Git is a version control system, which means it keeps a record of all changes to its repository. This enables distributed collaboration and gives you the flexibility to use your own tools and workflow.

Git is powerful and complex, and I can’t provide a quick rundown that will fit every use case, so here’s some external resources:

Generic Auto-update script

Please make sure you understand what each command in the below segment is doing before using it, to save you and everyone else some headache.

git pull #Full update. If you need finer control see 'git fetch' and 'git checkout'

<perform changes here>

git add <files> #this adds new files to the repo. Otherwise they will be ignored

git commit -a -m "Example commit message"

git push

NB: When you run git push they will ask for your password. If you don’t want to provide it every time, it is best to use ssh.