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Things that are typical to Agora, though not necessarily legally codified.


Agora tends to name offices by taking a regular title and replacing -er with -or. For example: Rulekeepor, Webmastor, Treasuror.


A proto (or protoproposal, or protosal) is an unfinished draft of a proposed rule change, submitted for feedback. Also sometimes used more widely for any rough, unfinished idea.


A way to win the game or gain something that takes advantage of an unintended consequence of the rules. Scams are generally allowed in Agora, as long as the scammers cause minimal disruption to the game. That said, when a scam is occuring most players will try to stop it.

Spivak Pronouns

Agora uses a type of singular neutral pronoun called Spivak for all players. This is simply e/em/eir.



Agora Business AKA [email protected] AKA BUS


Agora Discussion AKA [email protected] AKA DIS


Agora Official AKA [email protected] AKA OFF


Agora Is A Nomic, Rule 1698. This rule prevents Agora from reaching a state where the rules cannot be changed by any mechanism.

CC / Cantus Cygneus

A document a player submits outlining eir grievances with the game or community of Agora. Submitting such a document leads to a player being deregistered by Writ of FAGE. The name is latin for "Swan Song", which is a metaphor for a final gesture or attempt.


Call for Judgment. When there's confusion about something, players initiate a CFJ on a statement. Another player will judge the statement to resolve the confusion. CFJ### refers to a specific case.


Claim of Error. Used to note that a player thinks there's something wrong on a report. The officer who made the report has to respond by denying or fixing the error.


Clerk of the Courts. Currently doesn't formally exist, but this person tracks CFJs.


Full Logical Ruleset. All of the rules and annotations that include when they were edited and how.


I say I do, therefore I do. Most actions are done 'by announcement', meaning they are done just by saying you do them. Others have restrictions on how or when they can be done. Sometimes the rules are ambiguous about this, which can cause debates.


Mother, May I? This refers to the rules that give special meaning to phrases like CAN, SHALL, and SHOULD in the ruleset.


"Not to the Public Forum." If a player accidentally submits an action to Agora-Discussion, another player may reply with this to let em know. It means the action was not effective due to being sent to the wrong list. A player may use "TTttPF", defined below, to resubmit the message.


Read the Ruleset Week. A rule-defined week where players are encouraged to read the rules, and the Rulekeepor is encouraged to run some sort of activity related to the rules. The goal is to make sure the rules are being proof-read.


Ratify without objection, a specific mechanism to change the gamestate outlined in R2202.


Short Logical Ruleset. Just the rules, with minimal annotation.


"This time to the Public Forum." If a player accidentally sent an action to Agora-Discussion, e might reply on Agora-Business, quote the message, and type this to indicate that is resubmitting the message correctly.

Writ of FAGE

How the Registrar deregisters a player that has submitted a Cantus Cygneus. The name is a spoonerism/pun on "fit of rage".

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